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Dhaara A2 Milk

Dhaara A2 Milk is not just any other Milk; it’s your chance to re-experience purity and taste. We’ve not just redefined the process of milk delivery; we’ve also redefined the way milk is spelt.
Did you know that every glass of milk has over 20 chemicals added in the process of purification and processing? And that’s the same milk we’ve been encouraging kids to consume? Milk is made into a chemical concoction to reduce the impact of the potentially harmful bacteria, but what has been happening is the quality of the milk is compromised by altering the fat content of the milk and adding artificial vitamins to it.

About A2 Milk

Ordinary cow’s milk contains 2 types of beta-casein proteins A1 and A2. A2 Milk is natural milk that comes from selected cows (Indian Desi Cows) that naturally produce only the A2 protein and no A1.
A2 Beat Casein which doesn’t produce BCM 7 and this casein naturally supports digestive system. A2 milk is very easy to digest also it contains Cerebrosides which increases the brain power. The Dhaara A2 milk offers the closest benefits of Mother’s milk. The reason is because it contains Colostrum which is found in Mother’s milk. Milk and Cows in India were holy.

Our Responsibility

we are dedicated for young moms and young kids There’s nothing pure in the word than mom’s love. Symbolizing that purity and love, we have “mom” within our brand. Dhaara we are dedicated to all the young moms and kids.
Cow milk has innumerable benefits and healing properties. Immensely praised in Ayurveda for its various uses, the Indian cow milk is considered the best, and next only to mother’s milk. This is probably the reason why kids have over the generations been encouraged to have a glass of healthy cow milk every day. And for families that do not consume meat, milk and its products are a major source of protein.
Cow milk is a rich source of calcium and regular intake of milk and yogurt has been proven to increase bone mineral density in the hip region, which is essential for both young mothers and kids. However, the milk available these days is not one that’s rich in these properties, as it’s milked from hybrid breeds of cow, which lack the beneficial properties of the Indian cow’s milk.
25% of our milk goes to the calves, the rest of happy milk is for you.

Our Passion

We’re ambitious, but not greedy! We make sure that they calves get their share of milk,before we package them for you. 25% of our milk goes to the calves and the rest of happy milk is for you. Every mother loves her offspring the most, and this is universally applicable, and the cows stand no exception to this. A happy cow is the one, whose calf is well-fed and healthy. And ever since our inception we are driven by our belief that it is only happy cows that produce the finest quality of milk. And how do you get a cow to be happy? Well, all you have to do is, to ensure that its calf is well-fed, groomed, and free. That’s what we do in our farms. Every morning, before we milk to cow to get you your glass of fresh and warm milk, we make sure that over 25% of the milk goes to the calves; the rest is what gets delivered at your doorstep.
Most farms tend to do put the calf to sleep to ensure that the entire milk produced is packaged and sold for monitory benefits. This creates an emotional turmoil for the cow that takes a toll on its health; this impact is felt in the quality of the milk. But most farms do not care about it because they are concerned with the quantity of milk over the quality. However, at Dhaara, it is the quality that’s most important to us.Milk and Indian Cow Products so pure, so it brings holistic health and happiness.
Milk And Ghee Products On the other hand, at Dhaara A2 Milk is the Desi Gir cow that’s reared and the cows are fed with grasses that are locally grown, like the paonya. This is said to impart greater taste and nutrition to milk and ghee. Milk has been an important part of the traditional Indian diet and is said to be bearing the taste of nectar as it is rich in nutrients and amino acids that make its protein easily digestible.
The Indian cow milk is good for the kidneys and is also known to solve various gastric ailments, which are so common in today’s world owing to the lifestyle we have. According to Ayurveda, it is only the Indian cow milk that gives energy and full protection and is digestible after mother’s milk. It has also been proven effective in reducing the chances of colon, breast and skin cancer, along with the chances of the occurrence of peptic ulcer. Now that you’ve found the solution to make your kids fall in love with milk what’s holding you back? Go on and take a subscription of goodness and health.